Sunday, October 3, 2010

Angel Update!

Thank you all for your prayers. I am convinced that God must have something very special planned for this little boy. It all started in Feb of 2008...he just happened to be born the week we were in Honduras...if he had been any other week he would not have been able to have surgery and he would not have survived. We were able to get him to the states for surgery and home once he recovered. Then this week such a horrible accident...a TV falling on his head, fracturing his skull and causing a head bleed. However, after surgery and lots of prayer Angel is recovering and it looks like is going to be just fine! We serve an awesome God! Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our team!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Update on Angel

Angel has a skull fracture and a small head bleed. He was still in the OR when the day shift left but things were looking a little better. Please keep praying!

Urgent Prayer Request

Many of you may remember on our trip in 2008, the day before we were leaving we were called to evaluate a 2 day old who had sats in the 50s. Our doctors went to check on him but our cath lab team, anesthesiologist and perfusionst had already flown home so we didn't know what we would be able to do. Once they echoed him we realized he needed a surgery we couldn't do in Honduras but we could do a procedure to buy him some time if we could find a hospital in the states to accept him. Lori got on the phone and worked her magic and our wonderful doctors did an amazing job in a very tough situation. Angel then flew to New York, had his surgery and even though he was very sick after surgery and had to stay longer than expected he went back to Honduras and was doing very well. Last year when we were in Honduras his mother brought him back to see us and he looked amazing and was doing so well. Tonight I got some horrible news...Angel pulled a TV on his head. He is in the ER at Cemesa Hospital (where our team is) and they have called neurosurgery but it doesn't look good. Please pray for Angel. Pray for his mom and the rest of his family and please pray for our team. I'll keep you updated. Love and prayers!

Honduras Needs Our Prayers!

Our prayers are needed in Honduras!!!
  • The team is working very long hours and they are very tired...please pray for rest and clarity of mind and energy until they can get rest!
  • Some of the team members are sick...please pray for them to get well very quickly
  • Because of the tropical storms and flooding there are power outages...the most important equipment is run on the backup generator but that doesn't include things like AC...please pray for no more power outages
  • One of the patients had a lot of bleeding...he is doing better now last I heard however the team had to purchase extra blood that was not budgeted for...they are short about $2000....please pray for funding
  • One patient who was scheduled for surgery had other problems they were unaware of so they will not be able to operate on him...please pray for for this precious boy and his family!

Thank you all for your prayers. Let's continue to lift them up in prayer. I know they feel them and they appreciate them!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Surgery!

They are changing lives in Honduras. The first surgery went well. Check out the Friends of Barnabas facebook page if you get a chance!

First Day of Surgery!

There are two kiddos scheduled for surgery today...Yadira and Claudia. Let's keep them in our prayers! When I hear any details I'll let you know.

If you notice things are different this year. Last year we ran two ORs and did about 4 surgeries a day...this year they are running one OR and doing 2 surgeries a day. This all has to do with limited funds, limited supplies and limited number of volunteers. When times are tough people cut charitable donations first. I've never been good at asking for money but there are so many children in Honduras who since need surgery. If you are reading this and you would like to make a contribution you can do so at

Hopefully I'll have great news about these first two kids very soon.

Remember to keep the team in your prayers...they work very long, hard days!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Hearts 2010

Today the Cardiac Surgery team arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and spent the day unpacking and setting up. I still can't believe I'm not with just doesn't seem right! :( From what I hear they arrived safely...although I did get a text from Amanda saying that Dan missed his flight....let's just hope he found another flight cause I don't seem them being able to do anything without him! It seems there has to be some sort of airport issue every year. In 2007 we had to unpack and repack our supplies because Continental didn't seem to like the way we had them packed. In 2008 Audrey's passport expired soon after our trip so they made her drive to Houston to get a new passport and then get a flight to Honduras. Last year those of us who were traveling a few days early to set up ended up leaving with everyone else since our flight was canceled.

Surgeries and caths start first thing in the morning. Please keep everyone in your prayers. If I hear how things are going or if I am told of any prayer request I'll post them here.

Sending lots of love and prayers to Honduras!